Bettye Griffin
"Romance in the Real World"
now available!

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Ever wonder what became of Reese de Vries, the man Liv Oliveira of the Save the Best For Last/Something Real/Man of Her Heart trilogy married and left when she learned he was cheating on her? Liv, of course, went on to marry Brian Price, her first love. Reese has worked hard to become a better man; he's determined that his next marriage will last the rest of his life. Experience the magic of New York in this holiday novella in which Reese takes center stage!
It's the holidays; sparkle...
and don't forget to read the epilogue!

Did you purchase the Holiday Sparkle series separately, or perhaps just a few of the four e-books? Would you like to know what happened to the couples in these whirlwind romances? The 4-in-1 bundle includes an epilogue, but you can read the epilogue right here for free!