Bettye Griffin
"Romance in the Real World"
"Love on Lake Shore Drive" by Bettye Griffin on Ganxy
The Holiday Sparkle series, 4 novellas (2 by myself and 2 by Marcia King-Gamble)...the first book, Love On Lake Shore Drive, is available NOW at Amazon and Barnes & Noble! You may also order directly from my eStore (side loading required) and save 33% over the price at online retailers!

So curl up by the fire with a hot cocoa or spiced eggnog and get lost in the holidays!
A New Face on an Old Title
If you see a book by me called New in Town, be advised that I'm not keeping secrets from you...this book is simply my 2011 title A Kiss of a Different Color with a different title, cover, and added epilogue. I leased the publishing rights out, so this book will be available for the next several months. BTW, it's only 99 cents, so if you enjoyed it, please be sure to tell your friends! This version is available at Amazon only.
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