Bettye Griffin
"Romance in the Real World"

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Courtney Mathis became the talk of her hometown of Eighty-Eight, Mississippi when she served as a surrogate and carried a baby for a paying client. The financial arrangements allowed her to stay at home and care for her dying grandmother, whose only request had been to pass away at home in her own bed. Courtney gave birth to twins and goes on with her life after her grandmother's death...until the day she learns that Jermaine Thomas, the entertainment mogul whose children she carried, has suddenly passed away. Jermaine never married, leaving their twins, now eight years old, orphaned. Courtney moves to claim them.

Jordan Thomas feels overwhelmed by the shock of his younger brother's sudden death and the responsibilities of raising his orphaned niece and nephew and running an entertainment empire, plus tussling with Jermaine's girlfriend, a schemer who is angling for a share of his vast estate. When Jordan learns that the biological mother of his niece and nephew is requesting custody, he dismisses her as just another gold digger anxious to get her hands on his late brother's millions.

Courtney and Jordan come to an uneasy truce, agreeing she will be presented to the twins as their new nurse until they're ready to know the truth. In spite of butting heads with Courtney from the start, Jordan notices her tender and loving attitude toward the twins. Could it be her motives are pure? And could it be that the twins aren’t the only ones whose lives Courtney has lit up?

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